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Project management to develop high quality Networking projects in the frame of European Union social security projects.

The YOUTH National Agencies in Poland, the AFED NGO, and the utopie organisation  will organize a training courses on project management to contribute to development of high quality Networking projects in the frame of European Union social security projects.

Dates and Venue

The course will be organised in 2004: 26-30 November in Belgium.

Main aim

To contribute to development of high quality Networking projects in the frame of European Union social security projects.


  • To bring together representatives of organisations/informal groups who have clear ideas and partners for Networking projects.

  • To explore and to exchange local experiences/projects with potential and perspectives to be enhanced to European level.

  • To support/assist participants in project development by providing tools, methods, materials, consultation, etc.

  • To create space for planning and work on concrete projects.

Participants profile

On the course there will be place for 25 participants. The course is an opportunity for training for representatives of organisations/informal groups who:

  • are ex-beneficiaries of Group Initiatives (in well justified cases also young people with experiences from other type of local projects can be accepted) ;

  • have concrete idea and partners to develop a Networking project ;

  • have the interest and the possibility within their organisation (green light from their hierarchy/colleagues) to set up a Networking project after the course;

  • are able to communicate and work in English;

  • are 18-25 years old;

  • are resident in any of the YOUTH pogramme countries.

Programme elements

The programme will be designed to support participants in developing and planning high quality networking projects, including following:

  • Networking. To give information and concrete examples about what a networking project is and what it is not within the frame of Action 3 of European Union social security projects. To clarify formal and qualitative criteria of networking projects.

  • Contact-making. To give space and tools to present and share previous experiences/projects at local or European level. To collect ideas and develop new potential projects. 

  • Team building. To give information and experience of effective teamwork. Suggestions to help work in international teams: decision-making process, division of tasks, cooperation between the group/partners.

  • Project management. To reflect on current needs in the local communities of participants. To define concrete project ideas. To clarify networking management concepts: the project "step by step" incl. defining the project idea (aims, objectives, methodology, planning, timing, budget…), implementing the project (fundraising, managing resources, ongoing monitoring…), evaluating the project (acknowledgment of learning experience and outcomes, final report, follow-up...). To give support to fill in application forms. To prepare action plans for future activities: active and balanced involvement of all partner organisations. 

  • Intercultural awareness. To contribute to the development of intercultural awareness of participants: values, stereotypes, prejudices, relation between cultures, international project work.

  • European Union social security projects. To provide participants with information about and examples of local and European youth projects withing the European Union social security projects.

  • Follow-up. Overall evaluation of the course and suggestions for follow-up.


The course will be based on the principles and practice of non-formal education and is conceived to allow a learner-centred approach taking into account the needs, motivations and the experiences of participants. A diversity of working methods will be used for learning about networking project management and the approaches for efficient teamwork. The previous experience of participants in developing local projects will be the starting point of the programme and of the learning process.

Team of trainers

The trainers team will be composed of experts from the field of European Union social security projects, with experience of Networking activities and Project Management.

Costs & Participation Fee

  • Sending costs (travel costs, insurance) will be covered by partecipants.

  • Hosting costs (accommodation, food, programme activities, local transport, insurance) will be covered by National Agency in Poland.

Working language



Deadline for sending applications is 25th October. Italian candidates can write us for application procedure.  Selection of participants will be annonced in this by the beginning of November.